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Hunt Brown Bear in Alaska
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Alaska Moose & Brown Bear Hunting

Family Owned Hunting and Outfitter Services


Family Owned Hunting and Outfitter Services

Welcome to Alaska Bush Adventures located in Southwestern Alaska

Moose, Caribou, Brown-Grizzly Bear, Black Bear

I came to the great state of Alaska in 1978 to experience hunting big game in the Great Alaskan Outdoor Wilderness, became forever hooked and decide to make the awe inspiring Great State of Alaska home for family and I. After years of  awe-inspiring, hunting and fishing adventures, I discovered a region in Alaska that offered tremendous hunting opportunities where no other Guide/Outfitters were operating. In 1985 we started Alaska Bush Adventures, ("ABA") a small family owned Alaskan Guide and Outfitter Service in a remote and quiet area of Southwestern Alaska. Hugh and his Son Ryan, are both Alaskan Master Guides and their long time employees consists of Alaskan  Guides , Roy and Mikewhich have been part of the team since the 90's. They have many years of experience in Guiding for Brown Bear, Black Bear, Caribou, Moose and all are experienced in calling and raking for Moose plus the habits of all Alaska's big game species, which will give you an edge on harvesting these big game animals. 

Since 1985, over 38 years ago they have operated a family owned Guide and Outfitter Service with seasoned Alaskan Guides, respecting the rules and concepts of ethical fair chase hunts. Offering authentic and unforgettable Guided Alaskan Big Game hunting experiences for Moose, Brown/Grizzly Bear and Black Bear.

Our Alaska hunting camps are located within sight of the Alaska Range in the Kuskokwim Valley and its numerous tributaries. Our Guided Clients can hunt  from any one of our base camps located on these remote wilderness river systems. The main basecamp is located by the river where you can both land a float plane and then be able to take a fully loaded plane of harvested big game animals and the hunters off the river and back to town. The territory where we hunt, or our Guide Use Areas (GUA’s) is a quiet and secluded region, 250 plus miles west of Anchorage. It takes a minimum of 2.5 hours by a bush plane on floats to reach this area within this part of the wild and untamed wilderness country in Southwestern Alaska. All guided clients will enjoy numerous creature comforts of the well-stocked and maintained basecamps located along the river. 

 We typically use DHC-2 De-Havilland Beavers equipped with wing tip fuel tanks providing the plane extended flying time to safely reach out to our hunting area and get back to town. The distance from any major community, Alaska's State F & G Regulations for GMU 19 and the lack of places in the rivers upper mountanous branches to safely land a plane undeniably affords hunters an enhanced opportunity to achieve success and enjoy a significant level of comfort while doing so. Being able to hunt a region in Alaska that has not been over hunted for decades, not having to worry about other hunters ruining your stalk on an animal and no hunting pressure from other hunters in the area, is a wonderful experience. 

Hunting for Alaskan Big Game


Hunting for Alaskan Big Game


Hunting big game in Alaska is a substantial investment, not only financially but includes spending a lot of time preparing, researching, and planning to find a reputable Guide/Outfitter hunting service for your hunt. Alaska Bush Adventures knows the importance of providing in-depth logistical information to prepare our client’s before, during and after the their trip in hopes of ensuring a great Alaskan hunting experience. We are not a fly-by-night hunting service and we believe action speaks louder than words and that our “hands on knowledge” of the our GUA’s, local game populations and the habitat where you will be hunting is beneficial and relevant in your choice of a Guide Outfitter.

Alaska has a healthy Big game population of Moose, Caribou, Brown Bear, Black Bear, and Wolves, but in part, due to its size has fewer big game animals per square mile than any other state. They are in general thriving best in remote regions of the state with the type of habitat that is vital to sustain them year round and have not been over hunted for decades due to easy access and being close to heavily populated areas.

Year after year we have learned something new and or a better way to fine tune the Alaska hunting services we make available to our client’s. Because of the financial investment and what a hunting experience of a lifetime like this represents to you, we encourage you to call us to discuss in detail our services and to better answer your questions. There is a lot to go over about the infrastructure, full-service logistics, and a variety of useful services in Anchorage for taking care of your harvested game.

Our river base camps have comfortable accommodations and offer one a great chance for harvesting Moose, Brown/Grizzly Bear and Black Bear. We have large 15' x 20' wall tents for common use & dining with ample table fare, large 3 burner propane stoves for cooking meals, a wood stove for heat, hot showers, generators for power, a refrigerator/freezer to keep food items fresh, a hot water showers and an toilet outhouse. Hunters sleep in 6-man extreme weather-type tents on full-size cots with sleeping pads. The base camps will have an Iridium Satellite phone for communications and emergency use. Client's can use the phones to contact love ones but we ask to keep the call to about 5 minutes. The Guides have video cameras to capture the daily activities, the hunt and actual harvesting of your big game animal for you. Our Guided Client's will hunt for Moose using Jon boats powered by jet-drive outboard motors which provide a huge advantage when traveling within the rivers shallow branches, ox bows and back water sloughs where Bull Moose are rutting and gathering up their cows to breed. 

The DIY river float hunting trips for Moose, are fully outfitted/supplied with camping equipment/gear and a generous arrangements of food/drinks for your meals. These hunts are also outfitted/supplied with rafts, cargo platforms, rowing frames, oars, life jackets and the balance of the necessary equipment to complete this type of a float hunt for Moose. All you will need provide is your hunting and personal gear . The Alaskan Barren Ground Caribou hunts are fully outfitted/supplied fly out spike camp hunts that take place in the low rolling foot hills on the Northwestern side of the Alaska Range. You will be provided a "suggested personal gear list" and detailed lists of all the equipment/supplies, food and drinks included by Alaska Bush Adventures for your hunting trips in Alaska.

We strongly suggest taking advantage of the information provided on the FAQ (frequently asked questions) page within this website, as it will have these lists and much more helpful information to help prepare you better for a hunt with Alaska Bush Adventures. We provide our clients with a complete Itinerary of the logistics and information to illuminate the other types of services available to them. Information on Hotels, Bush Plane flights, Meat, and Trophy care options, and shipping info to get your game home. Meat processors, Taxidermists, Expediting Services, a Suggested Equipment List, and much more. We encourage you to also contact our references as often, they are happy to share their experiences with you and are able to answer some of your questions in a different light providing valuable first-hand knowledge. 


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