River Hunting for Alaskan Bull Moose

River Hunting for Alaskan Bull Moose

Guided Alaska Moose Hunts

Alaska Bush Adventures Main Camp

Guided Alaska Moose Hunts

We offer Guided and DYI Unguided Alaska Big Game hunts for Alaskan Yukon moose on remote river systems in Southwestern Alaska. Our guided clients will hunt from a base camp using Jon boats with jet drive outboard motors.

We have 2 different Base Camps on tributaries of the main river spaced by approximately 2 hours travel with our jet powered Jon boats. This allows us to hunt a large area and still be able to return to the comfort a base camp  every night. This has provided a great way to hunt moose while enjoying the creature comforts that a base camp offers. Having exclusive access by bush plane to this remote area in the Alaskan wilderness with a good population of mature bull moose provides a productive way to hunt. We are the only Guide/Outfitter in this area that operates on these rivers and streams in this fashion. The jet drive outboard motors provide a major advantage over an outboard motor with a prop. They enable access to the shallow upland river systems with the numerous oxbows and backwater sloughs created from decades of the rivers ever changing channels. These are the kind of areas that bull moose prefer once they start rutting and searching for cow moose to breed. For those who are not in the prime of their life or may have physical disabilities the use of our Jon boats and Argos for transportation in the field, is a great way to provide access for them hunt for moose.

Give us 6 inches of water and a chain saw to cut through old logjams and we can get to places never hunted before. Besides using Jet boats we may access the uplands by Piper Cub planes, Argos or ATV's. This way we can glass and hunt the higher mountain valleys, alpine meadows and open country for Alaskan Yukon Moose, Barren Ground Caribou, Alaska's Brown/Grizzly Bears, and Black Bears.

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Big Game Hunting Strategy

Alaska Bush Adventures Hugh & Jeff

Big Game Hunting Strategy

Besides using Jon boats to hunt for Moose, Brown and Black Bears, we may access the uplands by Piper Cub airplanes, Argos, or 4x4 ATVs. This way we can glass and hunt the higher mountain valleys, alpine meadows, and open country. The 8 wheel drive Argos can easily travel the local rolling mountain terrain. You can also enjoy excellent Sport Fishing for Arctic Grayling, Alaskan  Dolly Varden (Char), Burbot, Northern Pike, and Silver Salmon on the clear river water systems we hunt.

River Basecamp Equipment & Accommodations

Alaska Bush Adventures Ryan & Client

River Basecamp Equipment & Accommodations

We only take 3 or 4 guided moose hunters each season. Our main base camp is located at the only deep and straight stretch to land a plane on floats within the headwaters of this remote river system. It takes around 2½ hours to fly from Anchorage to reach our hunting area.

We use DHC-2 De-Havilland Beavers with wingtip fuel tanks to safely reach these distances. The significant remoteness undeniably gives Hunters an additional opportunity to achieve success, a great comfort level along with excellent fishing.

The camps have 15' x 20' wall tents for common use & dining with ample table fare, large 3 burner propane stoves for cooking meals, a wood stove for heat, hot water showers, generators for power, a refrigerator/freezer to keep food items fresh and an outhouse toilet. Hunters sleep in 6-man extreme weather-type tents on full-size cots with sleeping pads. The base camps have satellite phones for communications and emergency use. Client's can use the phones to contact love ones. The Guides have video cameras to capture the daily activities, the hunt and actual harvesting of your big game animal for you. 

The equipment we have amassed since starting in the Guide/Outfitter Profession in 1985 and our remotely situated camps, enriches the hunter's experience & overall success. Since the Base Camps are right in the heart of our hunting area, we can provide more comfort than normal verses the fly-out type of spike hunts.

Moose Hunting Conditions & Areas

Alaska Bush Adventures Hugh & Doc

Moose Hunting Conditions & Areas

There is more than 14 hours of daylight in Alaska at the start of Moose hunting season & over 12 hours on the last days of the season. Long ago we realized the importance of a healthy & well-balanced diet, receiving a decent night’s rest & a suitable hot shower to retain the energy level essential to put in a respectable effort each & every day of your hunt. We have incorporated these ideas into our operation for the many rewards they offer everyone and the overall impact they provide to the experience of these trips.

Our Alaskan Guide Use Areas for Alaska's Moose hunts take place Game Management (Unit 19) and have the extra benefit of two active Intensive Predator Control Programs authorized by the Alaska Board of Game. In addition, there is another one designated primarily for protecting the Mulchatna Caribou herd, especially during the late spring calving when calves are the most vulnerable to predators. There are only a handful of other Intensive Predator Control Programs currently active on State land intended to correct & restore the predator and prey balance. Having these Predator Control Programs active since 2004 has greatly enhanced the Moose population in our guide-use areas and is an across-the-board advantage for all small and big game species in Alaska.

Guided Alaska Moose Hunting Rates

Alaska Bush Adventures Jon Boats with Clients Moose antlers

Guided Alaska Moose Hunting Rates

  • $31,900 each for 1 hunter to 1 Guide hunt for 12-days

  • $27,900 each for 2 hunters to 1 Guide hunt for 12-days

  • $2.200 per person, for the round trip Air Charter from Anchorage to the field & back to Anchorage.

  • The price of the hunt includes getting your Moose meat & antlers back to Anchorage from the field.
  • Moose tag @ $800
  • Black Bear tag $450
  • Hunting License @ $160

Tags for Wolves are not required in unit 19b.

The first last days are non-hunting Air Charter flight days from Anchorage to the point of Outfitting in the field & the return flight back to Anchorage.

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Client References for Guided Moose Hunts

Alaska Bush Adventures Guides & camp help

Client References for Guided Moose Hunts

2023 Randall Miller 208-794-1321 Idaho

2023 Max Jensen 406-459-9011 Montana

2022 Roy Graham 620-260-6000 Kansas

2022 Randall Rigdon 321-536-0883 Florida

2021 Randall Miller 208-794-1421 Idaho

2021 Jim Reed 408-646-2537 California

2021 Steve Fiorucci 906-366-7009 Michigan

2020 Michael Crowther 928-660-0528 Arizona

2020 Taylor McTavish 308-383-8468 Colorado

2019 Charles Blaidsell 304-420-3441 Delaware

2019 Boyd Warner 702-861-2726 Nevada

2018 Greg Wiemelt 217-430-3822 Illinois

2018 Dave Corey 217-430-9018 Illinois

2017 Bill Hodges 817-219-0712 Texas

2017 Rich Oliver 402-560-2667 Nebraska

2017 Todd Chapman 706-330-7667 Georgia

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