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Unguided Fully Outfitted Float Trips for Moose, Black Bear and Wolves

Unguided moose hunting in Alaska

We offer 2 different types and lengths of river float trips, mainly for hunting Moose. You have a choice to starting from our Base Camp up river around 40 river miles & float back down or do a longer trip for roughly 115 river miles, which is close to 70 Statute miles or as Crow flies. The longer trip takes approximately 32 plus or minus hours of actual floating time, determined by the varying water levels. These rivers are rated as Class I, and rafting experience is recommended for Unguided Hunters. During the planning stages preceding your trip, we devote the necessary time to discuss hunting techniques, strategy and study maps with you to reveal various beneficial areas to camp and focus your efforts. We will endeavor to arm you with valuable insight on places to set up camps and insight to harvest Moose and other Big Game species as you travel down the river. You will be provided with safety suggestions and printed instructional guidance for your rafting gear and equipment. We can also furnish hunting DVD’s which share some firsthand knowledge we’ve learned after years of practice hunting for Bull Moose. The State of Alaska Department of Fish & Game provides videos on how to judge a legal Bull Moose and take care of your meat while in the field. During Moose season the fishing is great for Silver Salmon, alongside resident game fish such as Arctic Grayling, Arctic Char (Dolly Varden) and Northern Pike.

These hunting trips are what we call Fully Outfitted Unguided Hunts. We supply you with the equipment and provisions that is needed to complete these trips except your personal gear/equipment. Another way to describe it, is that you are asked to bring the same gear/equipment as our Guided Clients do. We supply all of our clients with a SUGGESTED EQUIPMENT LIST of the gear we believe is adequate to complete your hunting trip. Included with the hunting, rafting and camping equipment we also provide the food and hot/cold beverage drinks.

Our longest float trip begins where you can land a floatplane on a small body of water near the headwaters of these river systems. On these trips we strongly recommend you only set up camp two to three times and take your time as you progress down the river corridor. The take-out location is at our Main Base Camp down river where an extended stretch of the river is deep, long and straight enough to land safely and take out a good load. We supply maps with the “take out” location marked, including the GPS coordinates making it easy to locate. Many years ago, we enhanced this entry/exit strip by cutting and clearing out obstructions and debris making it possible have access to hunt & fish this river system efficiently. State Hunting Game Regulations in this unit require anyone hunting for Big Game to exit within the same Game Management Unit they start in. When we improved the landing strip we were able to satisfy this Regulation, and provided a to access the river where none existed before. The flight time from Anchorage to the headwaters of this river is a two hour plus flight (over 4 hours round trip) then another two and a half hour out from Anchorage (5 hour round trip) flight again to be brought back to town. The high expense demanded to travel this distance has been an important factor as to why we still enjoy having the area to ourselves, which in turn is an advantage to our hunters. The benefit of being out beyond where any Town or Village Air Charter Services operate, cannot be over stated. The major equipment needed to do these hunting float trips is stored during the off season at the Base Camp's Cache. By having the gear already in the field it saves us the added expense of round trip flights to transport equipment both in to and out of the field. This in turn allows us to offer our clients a creditable Moose hunting trip at a sensible and reasonable price, in a great area to hunt.

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Our shorter float trip requires less exertion and endeavor overall yet still productive. You will enter the field via Float Plane at one of our Base Camps. From this point we take you and your personal gear, the hunting, rafting and camping equipment (which we supply) up river by Jet Boat on to a branch of one of the many different mountain river tributaries. Experience has shown that one only needs to set up and break down your camp once or twice on this type of trip. You should spend an average of four to six days at each campsite. It will take around 8 hours of floating time to get you to the take out spot.

There is big misconception that float hunting is done primarily by floating the river looking and waiting to harvest Moose as they are spotted along the way. Whereas this is a possibility one should not rely on it happening that way and it is not the best use of your hunting time. It’s important to take your time, making and breaking your camp only a few times along the way. Hunting the area around your camp site is usually the most productive strategy to use. Remember the actual time it takes to cover the distance you are traveling on the river itself is minor compared to the overall trips duration. Once you are floating down the river corridor, you should constantly be aware of what is along or near the river. Always keep your eyes open for any Moose rakes along the river. The floating travel time of your trip needs to be treated just as important as when you are hunting from one of your campsites.

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When viable, hike up in to the lower hills and ridges to glass good Moose habitat in the distance. Stopping often to take breaks and look over any promising area is beneficial and can produce satisfactory results. Walk back off the river till the sound of the river current doesn’t affect your hearing and begin to rake and call for an extended length of time. Remember, patience and perseverance is not only a good virtue it is also important to the success of your trip, especially when hunting for Moose. The game is there, but it sometimes takes time to spot them or draw them out when they are in the brush or bedded down. Besides providing you a few of our Moose hunting DVD's, we will spend time with you prior to your trip sharing hunting techniques. The objective is to make available to you, significant insight on Moose hunting in Alaska.

From 1990 to 2002 the prior Predator Program in use had been stopped statewide. All across Alaska the Wolf population increased and the ungulate population along with other species of both big and small game declined. In November of 2002, Governorship of Alaska changed parties and shortly thereafter the makeup of the Board of Game changed as five new members of the seven-member board were appointed. One of the Board of Game’s first actions was to review and approve a predator control program incorporating severa l important changes from the previous plan. Aerial shooting of Wolves by private pilots using fixed-wing airplanes or land and shooting wolves through permits issued by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game was initiated again. The plan was to increase Moose populations and therefore improve the harvest throughout the state. The objective to enhance Moose survival rates was done by culling the Wolves to an acceptable and biologically appropriate level. At that time, the BOG approved three predator control programs. One in the Upper Cook Inlet, Game Management Unit 16, located near Anchorage, and two others within the Central Kuskokwim River area of Game Management Unit 19. Fortunately for us, our Guided and Unguided hunts also take place in GMU 19. Before and during the predator control period, an intensive research project monitoring the status of the Moose population was implemented. Due to the reinstatement of the Predator Management Program in these areas, Moose survival is now much higher than it was during the abandonment of the State Predator Management Program. We have observed an impressive and balanced growth of Wildlife in general, as well as for Mature Bull and Cow Moose. Since then the number of these successful programs has been expanded somewhat in ot her areas of the State. Where implemented, they are currently bestowing additional steady and balanced Ungulate population growth. Fortunately, we are again able to enjoy the sound benefits of these sensible and successful types of Game Management programs which afford a good balance for all Wildlife species and provides some great Moose hunting.

As one can see there are a number of sound reasons why this river float trip offers certain valuable hunting and fishing advantages. The long distance from any populated and over hunted areas, an Intensive Predator Management System in place, limited egress opportunity by maintaining the only access/exit point within the GMU and the benefit of having the major equipment stored in the field. The success offered by these remote river float hunting trips remains reliable and continues to improve every year. We only outfit a few groups per year for these types of trips, therefore once we start our booking season, openings for the upcoming season do not last long. If this interests you, please contact us to go over the logistics and overall infrastructure to enjoy one of these float hunting trips.

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What our past clients say:
"Ryan really worked hard for me and I took a nice 55" plus Bull Moose on the 3rd day . The Hoho Camp was well stocked to the roof with food and supplies. The hunt was a great trip and I hope to get back soon to get that Bear! Again, thanks for the great hunt and new friends. Walt Moore, 662-623-7292 Mississippi


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