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We are a small Outfitter Guide Service with only a few Guides that provide Guided and Fully Outfitted Unguided DIY Hunts for Alaskan Big Game Hunters in a remote and quiet area of Western Alaska. We hunt with  our Guided Clients out of two base camps which are located in remote wilderness mountain river systems.

We Outfit our Unguided Hunting Clients to hunt Caribou from fly out spike camps and for Moose we offer river float hunting trips  within the upland headwaters of very remote river systems in Western Alaska. These hunting areas are only accessible by bush plane on floats with extended range fuel tanks. We have enhanced the access and exit point for the sole & all-inclusive bush plane landing strip within the headwaters of the rivers inf the Game Management Unit we provide our hunting services.

We are one of the few Alaskan Guide Outfitters that offer a wide variety of specialized equipment for our hunting Clients to get around in the mountains and rivers of the Alaskan Wilderness. 

Most Guide Outfitter hunting services primarily use Super Cubs and hunt by foot out of spike camps. We offer Super Cub fly outs to spike camps as well, but extend to our Guided Clients, options to utilize our 8-wheel drive Argos and 14' Jon Boats with 40 horse power Jet-drive Outboard Motors. Our Jon boats with Outboard Jet powered motors allows access in shallow water conditions where propeller-driven boat motors are not viable to navigate in these upland river tributaries where we are hunting for Alaska’s Big game Species

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From 1990 to 2004 Alaska's Predator Control Program was put on hold statewide. This resulted in a proliferation of Wolves in some areas of Alaska, up to 4 times the average number of which provides a healthy and stable eco system for all wildlife. During this time the prey quarry of Wolves, such as the Moose, Caribou, Beavers, River Otters, Squirrels, Ptarmigan, Grouse and many, more species took a huge hit and overall, their numbers dropped dramatically throughout much of the State of Alaska.

Fortunately for Alaska’s big and small game along with Subsistence & Sport Hunters alike, the Intensive Predator Control Program was reinstated and used to help return to normal, the prey to predator balance. With the help of Alaskans through a special permiting process that was sanctioned and launched by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game starting in 2004.


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