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Alaska moose hunting

Alaska Bush Adventures L.L.C. has been in business since 1985. Our goal is to provide you with personal service and success, while you are enjoying yourself in the great Alaskan Wilderness.  See our VIDEO.

Alaska Yukon Moose are the largest of the Alaskan Moose Species and are found across Alaska. An adult bull can top the scales between twelve and sixteen hundred pounds

Trophy class bulls are found throughout Alaska, some of the largest come from the western portion of the state. Alaskan Moose occasionally produce trophy-size antlers when they are 6 or 7 years old, with the largest antlers grown at approximately 10 to 12 years of age. In the wild, Moose rarely live more than 16 years. In several areas of Alaska, Moose can produce antlers that measure over 70 inches wide. Although 70 inch Alaskan Moose are uncommon, our clients have harvested such awesome animals in the past. Mature Alaskan bull Moose with their fully developed antlers are very majestic trophies and with our experience of hunting Alaska Moose since the 1970's we can help you in harvesting one of these impressive trophies.

In the Spring and Summer, the bulls are mostly loners that spend most of their days feeding on willows, birch and aspen twigs in the higher mountain valleys. The lush forage, which is abundant during the summer months, gives the necessary nourishment to aid in the trophy size growth of their antlers, which are covered with soft velvet. Their antlers begin to harden in late August. With the shorter days and colder frosty nights the bulls will begin to rub the velvet from their antlers starting later in August. During that time they start moving down from the higher mountain valleys toward the river and streams to look for cows, which also want to meet the bulls in their traditional breeding areas. With normal weather conditions the rut will begin in late September.

Alaska moose hunting
Alaska moose hunting

By using the Jon boats with outboard jet motors on them we can travel up or down rivers for miles to hunt and get into many of the smaller streams that feed the main rivers. From here we can use spike camps when hunting, or we may return to the base camp every night. This is can be very productive, as other hunters cannot fly along the river and land where we are hunting with our jet boats. This allows access to remote areas where mature animals inhabit that cannot be reached any other way. We are the only Guide/Outfitter in this region that operates on these many rivers and streams. Give us 6 inches of water and a chain saw to cut through old logjams and we can get to places never hunted before. Besides using Jet boats we may access the uplands by Piper Cub airplanes, Argos or 4x4 ATV's. This way we can glass and hunt the higher mountain valleys, alpine meadows and open country for Alaska Moose, Alaska Caribou, Alaska Brown Bear, Alaska Grizzly and Alaska Black Bears. With our Guides many years of experience in Moose calling, raking, glassing and knowledge of their habits, we can give you an edge on getting your Alaskan Moose. You can also enjoy excellent Sport Fishing during this hunt for Alaska Rainbow Trout, Alaska Arctic Grayling, Alaska (Char) Dolly Varden, Alaska Burbot, Alaska Northern Pike, Alaska Sockeye and Alaska Silver Salmon on the clear water rivers we hunt.

Beside myself as an Alaskan Master Guide/Outfitter, our guiding crew consists of my Son, Ryan Krank and Roy A. both with Registered Guide and Outfitter licenses along with well seasoned assistant guides who have been part our team since the late 80's and early 90's.

Our River Base camps offer our most comfortable accommodations and offer one a great chance for harvesting Alaska Moose, Alaska Brown Bear, Alaska Grizzly Bear, Alaska Caribou and Alaska Black Bear without having to do the more strenuous type of spike camp hunting. You still need to be in good shape to have a more successful and enjoyable trip. At these camps we have large wall tents for dinning and common use with wood stoves for heat and propane burners for cooking. There are generators for power, hot showers, outhouse toilets and sleeping quarters with cots. In these camps we have satellite phones for communications with each other and emergency use. The Guides also carry video cameras to capture your hunt and daily activities for you to have forever to remember your Alaskan hunt.

If you have found this information has peaked your interest for a Alaska moose  type of hunt, please take the time to call us with your questions so we can tell you more about our services

Call us at 480-657-3174, or fill out our form and we'll call you, or email and you can make your Alaska hunt happen

Alaska moose hunting

Client References for Guided & Unguided Outfitted Moose Hunts

2020 Michael Crowther 928-660-0528 Arizona
2020 Taylor McTavish 308-383-8468 Colorado
2020 Hugh Simon 708-473-9429 Illinois

2019 Season
Charles Blaidsell 304-420-3441 Delaware
Boyd Warner 702-861-2726 Nevada

2018 Season
Greg Wiemelt 217-430-3822 (217)20430-3822 Illinois
Dave Corey 217-430-9018 (217)20430-9018 Illinois

2017 Season
Bill Hodges 817-219-0712 (817)20219-0712 Texas
Rich Oliver 402-560-2667 (402)20560-2667 Nebraska
Todd Chapman 706-330-7667 (706)20330-7667 Georgia

2020 Tom Hyde  518-891-0634   New York
2020 Tim Campbell  518-891-6250   New York
2020 Russ Carnell   518-891-1917   New York

2020 Hunter Webster 717-337-5252 Pennsylvania
2020 Randy St Marie 503-702-4628. Oregon

2019 Erik Talaski 920-948-2831 or Cell # 989-225-3962 Michigan
2019 Greg Talaski 989-550-4620 Michigan

2017    Steve Sawyer & his Brother  970-275-0173  Arizona    
2017   Chris Barby 405-850-0176 Oklahoma

2016   Dave Olson 651-341-3623  North Dakota
2016   Phil Olson 651-491-5225 North Dakota

Alaska moose hunting

We offer many different guided fall and spring Alaska Brown Bear and Alaska Grizzly Bear hunting trips.

Thank you, Master Alaskan Guide/Outfitter Hugh Les Krank and Registered Guide/Outfitter Ryan L. Krank.


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