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Alaska fishing with Alaska Bush Adventures

Alaska Fishing

Float Alaska's Remote Waters with Experienced Guides

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Our Float trips provide you with everything you need while fishing these isolated rivers and streams. Your Alaska fishing trip with Alaska Bush Adventures is sure to be first rate. We use top rated gear and know where to find the fish. See our VIDEO.
Alaska Bush Adventures L.L.C. has been provided fishing excursions since the mid 80's in Alaska and since the late 80's in Russia. We have everything you'll need to make your sport fishing float or jet boat trip a dream adventure. We can provide the perfect trip to meet your needs. Our Jet boat trips offer a more comfortable style, with fishing from a tent base camp setting, with six-man extreme weather tents which accommodates two clients and cots for sleeping in, showers with running hot water, generators for power, and a common use kitchen wall tent for dining.

No competition, no sharing the river with other anglers, just you and the river for the experience of a lifetime. Flowing fresh water fishing down crystal clear water rivers and streams provide great sport fishing for Kings (Chinook), Coho (Silver), Chum (Dog), Pink (Humpy) and Sockeye (Red) Salmon, Arctic Grayling, Arctic Char (Dolly Varden), Sheefish, Burbot, and Northern Pike

Our upper headwaters man made build base camp allows us access to this isolated region that no one else is in for the most exclusive fresh water fishing for miles around. We have sole use and are the only operators in this region. The area is untouched and secluded for the best private fresh water float trip of your dreams. One of the few Alaskan rivers that provides this many varieties of species of fresh water fish in abundance while having the area to yourself.

Everything from daily fly-outs right from base camp, 8 wheel drive argos/atv adventures, hiking excursions, we can adapt and customize any fishing, backpacking, photo safari, gold panning, or camping trip to suit your groups needs and interests. Our professional guide service provides a wealth of knowledge for the novice to the most experienced fisherman. Since 1980's when we first started fishing this isolated land and untouched waters, the vast land and limitless resources continue to amaze our clients and even our guides who have fished all over the world. Numerous rivers offer some of the best trout and salmon fishing in the world along with the amazingly breathtaking beauty of nature all around you without another sole in sight.

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Southwestern Alaska is full of winding and converging rivers that are plentiful with fish and surrounding wildlife but few are not overrun with other fisherman. The beautiful Holitna/Hoholitna and their numerous tributaries are easy flowing mostly flat-water rivers and streams offers you the opportunity for the best secluded fresh water fishing trip in the region. You will pass through forests of black and white spruce, poplars, birch, and cottonwood trees. The river begins in the Alpine mountains and passes through a lot of windy, slow turns moving on its long trip down to meet the Kuskokwim River. It is the most remote, least traveled river, and is very unlikely that you will see any other people. King Salmon The upper river starts above tree line in the tundra, then lower down it travels through mixed white and black spruce, cottonwood, and poplar forest. The water is crystal clear with good steady flow. You will be surrounded by beauty and wildlife along the way. In the distance by rolling tundra hills filled with berries while the river corridor is narrower and secluded by lowland brush. Further downriver, the scenery turns wooded. Alaska Yukon Moose, Alaskan Caribou, Alaska Brown Bear, Wolf, and Wolverine are but a few of the animal species that wander these areas. In addition you will also see an abundance of waterfowl and native Alaskan game birds. With fish to catch in the mountain lakes, rivers, and streams, wildlife to view, breathtaking scenery at your fingertips, and plenty of seclusion, we're sure your trip will be the most memorable ever!

Price Includes:

This trip is for the angler that is looking to experience Alaska's very remote fresh water fishing opportunities and also offers private sole use of the area being fished. So grab your rod and let's go fishing.

Pricing Packages:
7-day fully Guided Float Fishing/Camping Trips $3,300
7-day fully Guided Deluxe Base Camp Jet Boat Fishing Trip $3,600

Price does not include:

What we recommend you bring:
You are expected to provide your own fishing tackle, personal gear, clothing, and sleeping bag. An equipment list that is trip specific is sent to you once we have received your down payment. You will need to keep your total gear (clothes included) to under 50lbs per person.

Reservation and cancellation policy:
A $1000 per person down payment is required to reserve space. 50% of total trip price is due by January 1st and full payment is due 60 days prior to departure or May 1st, which ever comes first. A down payment is to secure a booking toward an upcoming fishing trip and a commitment to the trip by both the client and Alaska Bush Adventures LLC. Therefore it is our police that once payments have been made there will be no refunds or rollovers to another year unless the fisherman who contracted the trip finds another to fulfill their obligation. We highly recommend you purchase trip insurance to protect your trip investment.

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Alaska Bush Adventures fishing

Note from Master Guide Hugh Krank:
I believe in going somewhere you are not overrun by a crowd of people and that you have the opportunity to experience the true beauty of the Alaskan wilderness. Since 1978 I've been fortunate enough to enjoy all that Alaska has to offer and I have come to realized that I need to take the time to absorb the truly amazing experience that is around me.

When I am in the bush at night time I enjoy going out and looking up at the stars, and listening to the relaxing sound of the river and I know how truly blessed I am. I look around and listen to what is around me and I feel so fortunate to be able to do what I do and my joy is to share this with others. It amazes me to be able to walk out of my front door and drop a line in the crystal clear river water and catch a multitude of all sorts of different species of fish. We are in the business of making dreams come true and this has truly been my dream come true to share this with others. There is a lot of great fishing in Alaska but there is not a lot of areas that you have access to that are not overrun with others.

What we have always specialized in is taking that extra step to get you in to a remote area where you are not competing with others. You may not see another sole in sight your entire trip. There are a lot of rivers in Alaska that are un-fished because there is no access to land a plane to get you there. Therefore what happens is the areas that do have access are utilized by everyone. We have taken the extra effort to trek in to an extremely remote river system and roughed in runways and camp sights so that we can then bring our clients to a place that is exclusively remote and a true Alaskan experience. Over the past 24 years we worked on improving our camps infrastructure by bringing in top of the line equipment from 8 wheel drive Argos and ATV's for accessing the Alpine mountains and wilderness back country, jet boats for running up the upper river and stream systems, generators for power, hot shower systems, and large deluxe wall tents. During this time we have roughed in four comfortable wall tent style camps and cabin camps. These trips are designed to give you a quality Alaskan experience you will never forget. The rivers I float are remote and secluded and a true anglers dream trip. We have refused other operators to use our landing strip that accesses our region so only you are sure to enjoy a truly amazing quality fishing adventure.

We offer many different guided fall and spring Alaska Brown Bear and Alaska Grizzly Bear hunting trips.

Thank you, Master Alaskan Guide/Outfitter Hugh Les Krank and Registered Guide/Outfitter Ryan L. Krank.

Call us at 480-657-3174, or fill out our form and we'll call you, or email and you can make your Alaska hunt happen

Alaska Bush Adventures' Qualified Guides with over 30 years of experience
Master Guide:
Hugh Les Krank, Alaska Big Game Hunting since 1978


What our past clients say:
"Ryan really worked hard for me and I took a nice 55" plus Bull Moose on the 3rd day . The Hoho Camp was well stocked to the roof with food and supplies. The hunt was a great trip and I hope to get back soon to get that Bear! Again, thanks for the great hunt and new friends. Walt Moore, 662-623-7292 Mississippi

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