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Alaska big game hunting

Alaska Big Game Hunting

Grizzly/Brown Bear

Hunt Alaska's mighty Brown/Grizzly Bears with Alaska Bush Adventures for the hunt of a lifetime.

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Black Bear

Alaska's rolling grassy hills and steep mountains provide a thriving population of large Black Bears

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Alaska Yukon Moose, largest of the Alaskan moose  can weigh twelve to sixteen hundred pounds. More info HERE.

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Alaska Caribou, nomads of the north! Caribou hunting in Alaska with Alaska Bush Adventures. More info HERE.

Alaska hunts for caribou

Unguided Float Trips

Alaska Bush Adventures Unguided Fully Outfitted Float Trips for Moose, Black Bear and Wolvesi. More info HERE

Unguided float trips


Our float trips provide you with everything you need to fish the isolated Alaska rivers and streams. More info HERE.

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Alaska Bush Adventures camp

The Best of Alaska Hunting

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Alaska has a healthy Big game population of Moose, Caribou, Brown Bear, Black Bear, and Wolves, but due to its size has fewer big game animals per square mile than any other state. These animals are concentrated in pockets throughout various regions. Click to see our VIDEO.

Alaska Bush Adventures offers over 30 years of guiding experience for the finest big game hunting in North America's beautiful Alaska wilderness, this is the adventure of a lifetime.

Our hunting experience for Alaskan Big game and firsthand knowledge of these animals and their habitat will greatly assist you in having a successful and memorable trip.

Our Alaska hunting camps are located within view of the Alaska Range in the Kuskokwim Valley and its tributaries. We have a good Brown Bear and Grizzly Bear, Moose, Caribou and Black Bear, population in our area.

There are record Alaska Yukon bull Moose, and Brown Bear, thousands of Trophy Caribou that roam the area. Taking large wall hanger moose in the 60"+ class year after year, with an occasional 70''+ monster.

Our Clients have taken huge Caribou bulls that have tall main beams with long points, good size bez and double shovels. There is also Ptarmigan and Grouse hunting with exceptional fishing opportunities for King Salmon, Silver Salmon, Red Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Arctic grayling, Dolly Varden and Northern Pike.

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What our past clients say:
"I want to start by thanking Les Krank & Alaska Bush Adventures for a GREAT Alaskan adventure! I achieved my goal of going to see the remote Country of Alaska. Getting a Moose was an added bonus to this trip. I had a great time hunting with them and truly enjoyed my time spent in Moose Camp. James Putska, 210-848-8774 Texas"
Hunting in Alaska

What To Expect

If you really want to know what great Big game hunting and fishing is about, to be able to see the different types of terrain and weather you can expect, the quantity & quality of the game, picture yourself on one of these remarkable hunts, then just ask for one of our hunting DVDs and we will be glad to send you one. All we ask is a phone call to discuss your interests. This also helps us know which Alaska Big Game DVD will be best to send.

Check out our photo and video galleries! Bear - Moose - Caribou


All Unguided Clients hunting in Alaska for Moose and Caribou will need to purchase, in advance, their hunting license to meet the regulation requiring them to list its number on the pink mail in card to Alaska's Fish and Game Department after viewing the two videos "Is this Moose Legal" and "Meat Care." We will help you to meet this requirement before coming to Alaska to hunt moose and caribou.


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