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BIG GAME HUNTING IN ALASKA is by its nature a potentially dangerous and strenuous sport, so if you are going to spend a week or more in the wilderness of Alaska there are some things you need to know when making your decision. We want to make sure there are no surprises along the way. By being well informed and knowing what to expect are the best possible chances for you to have success and a positive experience.
Please read it close and take it serious as you need to be very prepared mentally and physically for Sport Hunting in Alaska.

The below information is listed in our Fair Chase Letter which we include in your packet of information which you receive and are required to read and sign. We want to make sure all of our clients are well aware of this information prior to hunting with us.

Sport hunting in Alaska is not like any of your local travel agency’s tours that have a plan laying out all agendas that rarely vary from the described program. The sport hunting experience just doesn’t work that way. You might say fair chase sport hunting has open itinerary-lots of plans, strategies and ideas that are likely to change daily or even hourly. Everything may go as planned ...or nothing will!! Surprises, confusion, delays, disruptive weather conditions, disappointments, risks of death or terror, disease, hazards, great joy, and sudden unexplainable changes are likely at any time. However, this is precisely what creates the challenge, the excitement, the memories, and the sense of perseverance, accomplishment and victory! Alaska has less big game per square mile than any of the lower 48 states. There are no guarantees of any kind. You must accept this fact, or don’t go. The success of your hunt should not be solely based on the harvesting of your animal. You will find it different with varying standards, but that is what sport hunters thrive on and is part of why they go, for they understand that the game they bag is only a small part of the overall hunting experience. It is all a part of fair chase and adventure. Fair chase is real hunting! This type of Sport hunting may not be for everyone.

Success rates on some hunts or certain species are higher than others. Book what your time and income can handle without skimping. Sport hunting anywhere is seldom a bargain. Your mental and physical stamina are important and must be considered. Wild animals and horses can be dangerous and so can all terrain vehicles, boats, planes, the weather, mountains, streams, rivers, the Alaskan environment, weapons and your fellow man. Imperfections of man, beast or equipment are a part of the hunting adventure. High standards are admirable, but ailing, inflexible, hard to satisfy or difficult people with a history of problems, hard drinking or complaining who can’t accept these realities should not go. Life is too short for all of us to risk having someone spoiling this potential life-long memory. Leave your tape measure, personal problems and all difficult, finger pointing people behind. The service we provide may not be up to what some expect. No gourmet cooking of meals, instead it will be basic meals supplemented with freeze dried food. Sanitary kitchen conditions which are rustic, spartan in wilderness settings at best and not restaurant fine dining style conditions. If you cannot accept that you should not go on this trip. Alaskan Big Game Hunting is strenuous, and will humble most hunters. If you are not in shape or your basic shooting skills are lacking, please be able to take responsibility for your short comings rather than blame others for failure when it results in lack of success in harvesting your trophies. If you cannot accept your own short comings and if you feel the need to point blame at everyone but yourself for lack of success when you are not mentally or physically prepared for this kind of adventure, please don't come to just to complain about what you were told to expect. Only then to blame your Guide instead of accepting like a Man, that you were aware that Alaskan hunting is challenging and real Fair Chase style hunting. Hunting for Alaska's big game trophies may require more than one hunt to harvest your animal. A lot of unexpected physical effort or hardship and walking will be required, even on the simplest type of hunts. In some cases, the arrangement may not be all that you wanted or expected, but the hunt is what it is. Uncontrollable circumstances can occur and are beyond our control. Surprises, confusion, delays, disruptive weather conditions, steep and rough terrain, high water flood conditions, shallow water conditions, braided river systems, major or minor log jams, dead falls, over hanging sweepers, dangerous under water formations in the rivers, streams or waterways you travel on, mechanical, equipment maintenance and breakage problems, and sudden unexplainable changes happen and are likely at any time. When using mechanical equipment on your hunt, preventative maintenance is required often and occasional repairs will need/have to be done. If you choose to utilize any equipment such as, but not limited to airplanes, boats, all terrain vehicles, or camping gear, you will need to allow the time needed to perform maintenance and repairs on equipment as necessary. The obstacles in Alaska big game hunting which you encounter daily are what distinguish fair chase sport hunting from fenced ranches; game farms, feeder or bait stations and many different types controlled shooting. What one sees as a dream hunt may be a nightmare to another. Alaska Bush Adventures L.L.C. uses various types of camps and methods, depending on the situation. We may discuss several options when you are booking your hunt, yet you and your guide may and will use other methods at anytime. Big game animals, weather, hunting success and luck are unpredictable. It is an adventure and experience where success is not measured only by the quantity or quality of game taken. ----- Hunting is the pursuit!!!

Logistical support and consultation before and after the hunt, including:
• Information on how, when and where to purchase your hunting license and tags
• Arrangement of charters and flights to and from main camp
• Shipping your trophies to the expediter in Anchorage or advice on how to take care of the trophy yourself.
The point of outfitting begins in our main camp. A fully outfitted and well stocked camp, professional licensed guide, and trophy care while in the field.
Additional costs you can expect:
Round Trip Airfare from Anchorage to hunting camp and back.
Hotel Rooms
License and tags:
Hunting License $ 85.00
Black Bear tag $ 225.00
Moose tag $ 400.00
Grizzly Bear tag $ 500.00
Wolf tag $0
Wolverine tag $175.00

Transportation costs of meat to your home for Moose (meat can be donated). Also antlers and capes shipping to Anchorage.
This varies but we recommend you take only what you can take with you on the commercial airlines and this is limited due to weight restrictions.
The best way to ship your antlers and camps is to become a known shipper from the airlines you are traveling on to Anchorage. Contact your Airlines and become a known shipper.

The best way to find out the success for Big Game Hunting in the State of Alaska is to contact the Department of Fish and Game and get the official stats.
There are so many variables involved ranging from the shape of the physical abilities of the client, whether or not the client is a good shot, what the weather is like, attitude and luck.
If you don't provide a good service and are not successful in what you do, you wouldn't stay in business long and your reputation would speak for itself.

Big game tags, metal locking objects that must be purchased and placed on the animal upon harvest, are required for ALL Big Game species. Harvest tickets may also be required.
Nonresident and nonresident alien hunters must buy the appropriate locking tag before hunting a big game animal. Immediately after the kill, the tag must be locked on the animal. The tag must remain on the animal until the animal is prepared for storage, exported, or consumed. For animals such as bear, in units where the meat is not required to be salvaged, tags must be locked on the hide.

A big game tag may be used for a species of equal or lower value. For example, if you purchase a $500 brown bear tag, but do not take a brown bear, and take a moose instead, you may use the bear tag on the moose, since the moose has a lesser tag value.
You must then complete a harvest report for the moose, which requires that you obtain a harvest ticket before you hunt.
There is no lottery or drawing system for your hunting license and big game tags. You can get them directly from us, as we are a State of Alaska Licensed and Tag Sales Vendor.

For our Guided clients we will sell you your license and tags once you arrive in hunting camp. Additional tags are available at our camp should you wish to take another animal during your hunt.

Unguided Clients will need to purchase them in advance from the State of Alaska Department of Fish and Game. The website to do so is www.state.ak.us/adfg/admin/admhome.htm

In addition to $85 for a non-resident hunting license, tags for the various animals are:

• Brown Bear/Grizzly - $500
• Moose - $400
• Black Bear - $225
• Wolverine - $175
• Wolf - $0
• Brown Bear/Grizzly - $650
• Moose - $500
• Black Bear - $300
• Wolverine - $250
• Wolf - $0
In addition to hunting for animals our area provides exceptional fresh water sport fishing. We include this in most of our hunt packages. you will want to come prepared so bring your fishing tackle along.
Nonresident 7-day sport fishing license $55.00
nonresident 14-day sport fishing license $80.00

(you won't want to miss out on the terrific fishing)

Tags are not to be confused with harvest tickets. In areas where a tag is required, it must be affixed, attached, or locked on the animal (skull or hide) immediately after the kill and must remain there until the animal is prepared for storage, consumed or exported.

Wolves are the most lethal predator on the ungulate population like moose, caribou, and sheep. Unlike bears wolves do not hibernate during the winter therefore require a lot more protein than the typical bear would. They also hunt in a pack which is very efficient way to hunt. The prefer to eat fresh meat, therefore they kill constantly. Unlike a bear once he takes and animal he will hover around it until it is gone. Wolves will often just eat until their full and often move on to the next kill. The number of wolves has exploded and there are more wolves than a most healthy echo systems in Alaska can support, therefore we want to do our part in helping with preditor management. So we let any hunter who comes shoot as many as they want. Limit is ten a day. A wolf is a rare and exceptional trophy and every hunter should try to take them when they have the opportunity to do so.

Our River Base camps offer our most comfortable accommodations and offer one a great chance for harvesting Alaska Moose, Alaska Brown Bear, Alaska Grizzly Bear, Alaska Caribou and Alaska Black Bear without having to do the more strenuous type of spike camp hunting. You still need to be in good shape to have a more successful and enjoyable trip. At these camps we have large wall tents for dinning and common use with wood stoves for heat and propane burners for cooking. There are generators for power, hot showers, outhouse toilets and sleeping quarters with cots. In these camps we have satellite phones for communications with each other and emergency use. The Guides also carry video cameras to capture your hunt and daily activities for you to have forever to remember your Alaskan hunt.
By using the Jon boats with outboard jet motors on them we can travel up or down rivers for miles to hunt and get into many of the smaller streams that feed the main rivers. From here we can use spike camps when hunting, or we may return to the base camp every night. This is can be very productive, as other hunters cannot fly along the river and land where we are hunting with our jet boats. fashion. This allows access to remote areas where mature animals inhabit that cannot be reached any other way. We are the only Guide/Outfitter in this area that operates on these rivers and streams in this fashion. Give us 6 inches of water and a chain saw to cut through old logjams and we can get to places never hunted before. Besides using Jet boats we may access the uplands by Piper Cub planes, Argos or ATV's. This way we can glass and hunt the higher mountain valleys, alpine meadows and open country for Alaska Moose, Alaska Caribou, Alaska Brown Bear, Alaska Grizzly and Alaska Black Bears.

Of course this is entirely up to you whether or not you wish to leave a tip with your guide. Our guides work hard to insure the you have a successful and enjoyable hunt. Each person values another person's service differently and a generous tip for a hard working guide is always appreciated and the standard in the hunting industry. While each person must determine what amount to give, a 8-12% of the hunt cost as a tip would be appropriate.